Why Should You Hire A Web Designer - 10 Pivotal Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

Anam Javaid
CEO Rendream
2023-06-21 . 15 min read

Maintaining a robust online profile for your business is now essential rather than optional. A web designer can be an invaluable resource for any business owner, whether just starting or a seasoned veteran venturing into the digital world. This article educates the reader about web designers, their potential value to businesses, and the steps necessary to hire a web designer. Most importantly, you will find ten questions you should ask your designer before hiring.


Who is a Web Designer?

Web designers are responsible for coming up with a website's overall aesthetic. They are responsible for designing user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites from the ground up. They use their colour theory, graphic design, information flow, and typography expertise to produce an engaging and user-friendly interface. HTML/CSS knowledge and design software like Adobe Photoshop or Sketch is commonplace in their tool-set.

Why Hire a Web Designer?


1. Expertise and Experience

They know the fundamentals of excellent design and how to implement them for optimal website performance. They understand how to work with colour, layout, images, and fonts to make your site seem reasonable and function well.

2. Time-Efficient

As the founder of a new business, you may need more time to devote to developing a sleek website design. Hiring a professional web designer will help you to take advantage of their expertise and get your site up and operating more quickly, giving you more time to concentrate on the core components of your company.

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3. Customization

Your website ought to show your company's individuality. A professional web designer can create a site that looks great, is easy to navigate, and is optimized for conversions. With their help, you can provide your website's visitors with something they will not find anywhere else online.

4. Responsive Design

A mobile-friendly, responsive website is essential today as more and more people surf the web on their phones, tablets, and other portable gadgets. A pleasant user experience may be guaranteed for all site visitors by hiring a web design company that can create attractive sites and work effectively on all screen sizes.

The Impact of a Web Designer on Your Startup


1. Creating a Strong First Impression

Your website is frequently the initial point of contact between your company and prospective clients. Therefore it must make a good one. Increased engagement and sales may result from the increased credibility and trust earned by a well-designed website.

2. Enhancing User Experience

A web designer's primary concern is the user experience, or how simple it is for site users to get the information they want. This can boost user happiness, bring in more return visitors, and get them to do what you want, like buy something or sign up for your newsletter.

3. Boosting Your Brand

A web designer's ability to maintain a brand's visual style and tone throughout a website is invaluable. Doing so may strengthen the bond between your startup's target audience and your brand.

4. Driving Growth

A well-designed website may help your company succeed by attracting more visitors, keeping them engaged for longer, and convincing them to purchase. A web designer can assist in making sure that your site grows with your company, adapting to reflect new offerings and strategies as they emerge.

For Digital presence, Web Designers are crucial.

In sum, a web designer's duties extend well beyond the aesthetics of the site they are working on. They are crucial because of their impact on your audience's impression of your startup, the quality of the user experience they provide, and your firm's success. Professional site design is a worthwhile investment for any new online business. Humans spend ample time questioning ourselves and the people around us to satisfy our hunger and thirst for knowledge. Whether it is for choosing the perfect hue of green for your website theme or for picking out the best website layout design for your business, asking the right questions from the designer is crucial for the success of your online presence.

10 Pivotal Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

We have saved your efforts for brainstorming the questions and have chalked down a list of top questions to ask your potential web designer.

1. Please share your past work.

One of the best ways to assess a web designer is by looking at their portfolio. Asking the designer about his past work will help you analyze whether their aesthetic sense aligns with your vision. This will also hint at the projects he has worked on, such as e- commerce sites or blogs.

2. Which design process will you follow?

Another question to ask your web designer is about their design process. Every designer follows a process and has a signature style that they follow. It is essential to understand their style before hiring them. Make sure that his designs are unique and distinctive. This is mandatory because everyone now prefers a fresh and eye-catching design rather than outdated templates.

3. What are your research criteria?

Excellence in website designing and branding requires in-depth research of industry and business to design, market, and strategize your business successfully. It would be best to work with a designer who understands your prospects, partners, and customers, as they are the life of your business.

4. What is your timeline for the project?

Timeline constraints are essential to keep in mind before you hire a designer. Ask the designer how long it will take to finish the project and if they have any other projects they are working on in parallel. This will show you how much time your dedicated designer will allocate to your project.

5. What services do you provide?

Various designers offer a wide range of services and packages. It is your job to analyze what best fits your demands and business. You can ask yourself further questions to pin down your final selection, like do they offer social media promotion and other services? Do they implement SEO tactics to help you gain organic reach and traffic on your website? Moreover, you can also jot down a list of services you would want to include in your agreement.

6. Have you managed similar projects as mine before?

If the designer knows about your vision, he can furnish the website as per your taste. It would be best if you were sure that they know what you are looking for and understand your vision to execute a process centred around your vision.

7. Do you have a package for content marketing?

Even if the developer is developing your website, the website will generate leads, increase ROI or convert visitors. Ask them if they provide content marketing as part of their package, and this will reap tons of benefits for you. You do not need to heed this point if you already have a content marketing strategy for your business.

8. How much client involvement do you want?

You must also know how much you want to be involved in the project development phase. Do you want to stay updated about the nitty-gritty of your project and like to stay informed about all the decisions being made? Or would you like to give the charge entirely to the developer? Also, gauge the requirements of the developer and their expectations of your involvement in the project. You will need photography, written content, design, and a logo, but you may still need to provide that content. Ensure you both are on the same page; otherwise, you won't get the desired results.

9. How many design revisions can you make?

When working with a third party, you may not like the first version of the project. So, it would help if you got several revisions to get to your favourite design. Many web agencies only allow a fixed number of revisions to limit project creep. Before you sign an agreement, ask about the changes you are allowed to request and if there are any additional charges for further revisions.

10. Do you offer a pocket-friendly budget?

You would not want to go for those who do not value your hard-earned cash. Choose a web designer who fits your budget so you avoid ending up with price overruns. By asking the right questions, you can ensure that the designer you choose is fit for your project and can take care of your budget constraint as well.

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Rendream is your go-to solution for enhancing your digital presence. With a team of highly skilled and professional web designers, Rendream has the expertise to transform your online presence into something truly remarkable. The professional and creative skills of Web Designers at Rendream allow them to craft visually stunning and user-friendly websites that captivate and engage your audience. Whether you are a small business owner looking to establish your brand or a large corporation aiming to revamp your online image, Rendream's web designers have the knowledge and creativity to deliver exceptional results. Trust Rendream to boost your digital presence and elevate your online success.

Final Advice

In your next meeting, ask these questions from your web designer prospects. This not only helps you to stay informed but also helps them to know how much invested you are in your project. It will also aid in running things smoothly and keeps any last- minute surprises from popping up!


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