When Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Won't Turn On: Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide and Mobile Erasure Solutions

Anam Javaid
CEO Rendream
2023-06-21 . 15 min read

Unsurprisingly, we react with terror when technology breaks down because we live in a technologically driven world. A frequent issue is specifically "iPhone 14 Pro Max won't turn on" Particularly if you rely on your phone for daily tasks, this problem can be somewhat problematic.


We Know It's Frustrating

We've all been there – the moment you pick up your iPhone 14 Pro Max excitedly, only to find it as unresponsive as a stubborn mule. It's like having a car with a full gas tank but no engine to get you anywhere. You're stranded in missed calls, unanswered messages, and new cat memes. The frustration is accurate enough to make even the calmest among us unleash our inner Hulk. Suddenly, your sleek and shiny device transforms into a lifeless brick, mocking your attempts to unlock its magical wonders. But fear not because, in this blog post, we'll dive into the world of troubleshooting and solutions, getting your iPhone 14 Pro Max back on its feet and in your eager hands.
But before you start to freak out, let us look at several diagnostic techniques and mobile-erase solutions that can assist you in reviving your device.

Understanding the Problem: Why Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Won't Turn On

There may be several causes for your iPhone 14 Pro Max won't turn on. Numerous variables could be at work, ranging from software bugs to hardware issues. A dead battery, program crashes, or more catastrophic problems, including hardware damage, are common offenders.

A Quick Look On Causes:

When your iPhone 14 Pro Max refuses to turn on, several common culprits could be causing the issue. Let's explore these potential causes:

Battery Problems:

  • Insufficient charge: The battery might be drained entirely or need more power to turn on.
  • Faulty battery: A malfunctioning or degraded battery can prevent the device from powering.

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Software Glitches:

  • Operating system issues: A glitch or corruption in the iOS software can disrupt the device's startup process.
  • Failed software update: Only complete or successful software updates can lead to startup problems.

Hardware Issues:

  • Power button malfunction: A faulty power button can prevent the device from responding to attempts to turn it on.
  • Loose connections: Loose or damaged internal connectors may interfere with the power flow and prevent startup.
  • Damaged components: Physical damage to critical components, such as the logic board, can hinder the device's ability to power on.
  • Frozen Screen
  • Unresponsive touch screen: A frozen or unresponsive touch screen can make it seem like the device is not turning on.
  • Software conflicts: Certain apps or processes may cause the device to freeze during startup.

It's essential to identify the underlying cause of the problem to determine the most appropriate solution.

Things to Try

First Response: Check Your Battery

Checking to see if a low battery is the cause of your iPhone 14 Pro Max won't turn on is the first thing to do. Use a genuine Apple charger to connect your smartphone to a trustworthy power source. Connect it and let it run for at least an hour. If the charging screen appears during this period, your phone is in a low-battery condition and will turn back on after it has received enough charge.

Inspect Your iPhone's Accessories.

Your iPhone's charger may also be a problem if your phone is turned on. You need to check if the adapter is not well or if the charging cable is damaged from any spot. If this is the case, then you should inspect and replace the part that you think is damaged.

Don't Forget the Force Restart

After charging, if iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn't turn on, you might be dealing with a more severe problem. Force restarting your smartphone is worth attempting because it does not remove any data from your device. Press and quickly release the volume up button, then press and quickly release the book down button on an iPhone 14 Pro Max to force restart it. Press and hold the side button after that until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

Charging Port

This is another thing that might be causing trouble. Check your iPhone's charging port to see if it has gunk or liquid. Also, make sure that it has no dust particles accumulated in it. Put your device closely near your eye and check if you hear any sound. If nothing gets displayed on the screen, it has a screen problem.

Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all the above options and nothing still works, you should contact Apple Support. Hardware issues rarely cause any device problems, but as iPhone 14 is a new device, you might get a problem and be able to get it fixed as it will still be under warranty. So, you can quickly contact Apple's support and get the issue resolved.

The Last Resort: Recovery Mode

Use recovery mode as a last resort if mobile erases do not work to get your iPhone 14 Pro Max to switch on. This sophisticated technique tries to reinstall the firmware and software on your phone. Any software-related problems stopping your phone from turning on may be fixed by doing this. But remember that you should only do this as a last alternative because it requires a thorough comprehension of the procedure to prevent any possible errors.

Exploring Advanced Solutions: Mobile Erasure Solutions

Consider more sophisticated techniques if force restarting your device does not work. Mobile erasure solutions are among them. This entails wiping all content from your phone and resetting it to factory settings. This extreme step should only be taken if all else fails. It is crucial to remember that you should only use this option if you have a backup of your data, as doing so will delete all of your data from the device.

Seeking Professional Help

You may encounter occasions when your iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn't turn on despite your best attempts. If you have tried every possible troubleshooting technique and are still at a loss, it might be time to call in a pro. Go to an Apple Store or a certified service facility. Hardware problems that are difficult for laypeople to diagnose and fix can be fixed by their experienced professionals. The following are given professional helps that you can look for: When all your attempts to revive your iPhone 14 Pro Max have failed, it's time to consider seeking professional help. Expert assistance can save the day, like calling a plumber when your kitchen sink decides to stage a waterworks show or consulting a wizard when your broomstick refuses to fly. Here are some options to explore:

Apple Support:

Contact Apple Support via phone, chat, or email to explain the issue and seek guidance. Apple's knowledgeable support team can provide troubleshooting steps tailored to your problem. Imagine them as tech superheroes, ready to swoop in and rescue your iPhone from its vulnerable state.

Visit an Apple Store:

Schedule an appointment at your nearest Apple Store's Genius Bar, where Apple's in-store experts can diagnose and repair your device. These technology wizards have access to advanced tools and knowledge to bring your iPhone 14 Pro Max back to life. Consider visiting the iPhone doctor's clinic, where your device will be examined and treated with the utmost care.

Authorized Service Providers:

Look for authorized service providers in your area who specialize in iPhone repairs. These skilled technicians can assess the problem and provide professional solutions, often using genuine Apple parts. It's like entrusting your iPhone to a team of gadget whisperers who can coax it back into operation.

Third-Party Repair Services:

Explore reputable third-party repair services with expertise in iPhone repairs. These tech wizards may offer competitive prices and quick turnaround times for resolving the issue. Picture them as the magical gnomes of the iPhone realm, armed with their repair tools and enchanting skills. Remember, seeking professional help ensures that your iPhone 14 Pro Max receives the attention it deserves. These experts possess the knowledge, tools, and experience to diagnose and fix complex issues beyond D.I.Y. troubleshooting. So, don't hesitate to reach out to the heroes of the tech world when your iPhone is in distress.

Rendream - Your Devices' Friend

When your iPhone 14 Pro Max refuses to turn on, Rendream is here to lend a helping hand. With their expertise in iPhone repairs and diagnostics, Rendream can assist in identifying the underlying cause of the issue and provide practical solutions to get your device up and running again. Whether it's a battery problem, software glitch, or hardware issue, Rendream's professional services can bring your iPhone 14 Pro Max back to life—Trust Rendream to revive your device and let the magic unfold once more.With Rendream's comprehensive device diagnostic solution, you can enjoy various benefits that will save you time, effort, and money. Imagine managing mobile diagnostic services for all your employees and gadgets with just a few clicks. Here's how Rendream caters to your pain points:

  • Say goodbye to slow and inefficient manual practices
  • Eliminate data protection legal concerns and ensure compliance effortlessly.
  • Rendream simplifies the complexity, making device management a breeze.
  • Rendream provides precise evaluations, ensuring you have reliable information at your fingertips.

Rendream: Your Solution to iPhone Troubles, We Bring Your Devices Back to Life!


If iPhone 14 Pro Max won't turn on, keep calm and work through the problem step-by-step. A dead battery can be all needed, or it might call for more drastic action like mobile erasing solutions or expert involvement. Regardless, remember that most issues can be resolved; all it takes is understanding the circumstance and the right course of action. So keep these suggestions in mind the next time your iPhone dies. Keep calm and carry out the troubleshooting steps in the correct order. You will probably be able to solve your problem and resume using your iPhone in no time if you have patience and a clear head.



Start by examining the battery. Wait an hour after connecting your device to a charger. Try forcing a restart of your device if the problem continues. If all else fails, consider mobile erasing options or getting expert assistance.


Press the volume up button once, then immediately release it. Repeat with the volume down button. Once you see the Apple logo, press and hold the side button. This technique causes a restart of your device without deleting any data.


Resetting your device to factory settings is a mobile-erasing solution. This procedure gives you a "new" phone by erasing all the data and settings on your handset. This extreme measure is usually applied after exhausting all other troubleshooting options.


A dead battery, a software malfunction, or a hardware issue are a few potential causes. The charger itself or the charging port could be the problem. Start by eliminating each of these potential problems separately.


It is possible for your iPhone 14 Pro Max to not switch on due to software problems. The device's usual startup process may be hampered by issues like software crashes or difficulties during updates.


Recovery mode is a sophisticated method that attempts to reinstall the firmware and applications on your phone. Serious software-related issues that prevent your device from turning on may be resolved.


Although there may be a few hiccups now and again, your iPhone 14 Pro Max should turn on consistently. If it frequently fails to turn on, a more serious problem may have to be fixed.


Yes, using genuine Apple chargers is advised. Your iPhone 14 Pro Max may not be turning on because non-Apple chargers might not give enough power and might damage your device's battery.


Waiting around an hour after connecting your gadget to a charger would be best. It can take some time for the device to start charging and eventually switch on if the battery is entirely discharged.


You must seek expert assistance from an Apple Store or authorized service facility if you have attempted troubleshooting techniques, including checking the battery, force restarting, mobile erasing, and recovery mode. Yet, your iPhone 14 Pro Max still will not power on.

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