iPhone 12 Touch Screen Not Working, Can't Unlock - A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide

Anam Javaid
CEO Rendream
2023-06-21 . 15 min read

Think about this the next time you are relaxing with a cup of coffee at a cafe. An unexpected email for a last-minute meeting arrives in your inbox. Your fingers fly to your iPhone 12, but the touchscreen is dead. No tapping, swiping, or pleading will open it for you. The "iPhone 12 touch screen is not working, can't unlock" problem is terrible and may cause much stress. The best way to deal with this problem is to learn its symptoms and causes and acquire countermeasures. Mobile erasure solutions are also discussed in this article as a kind of data destruction.


Symptoms of a Non-Responsive iPhone 12 TouchScreen

When faced with touch screen issues on your iPhone 12, you may encounter a range of frustrating symptoms that hinder your ability to navigate and unlock your device. Here are some common signs to watch out for, explained in a light-hearted manner to keep you engaged:

Unresponsive Taps:

It's like trying to poke a sleeping bear with a feather. No matter how hard you tap on your screen, it doesn't respond. Your finger feels ignored, and your iPhone 12 remains oblivious to your commands.

Stubborn Swipes:

It's as if your screen has developed a stubborn streak, refusing to cooperate with your swiping motions. You attempt to swipe left or right, up or down, but it's like sliding on an icy surface – no traction, no movement.

Confused Gestures:

You find yourself waving your hands over your iPhone 12 like a magician, hoping it will magically respond. However, your touch screen fails to recognize your graceful gestures, leaving you feeling like a magician whose tricks have lost their charm.

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Locked Out of Unlocking:

Ah, the dreaded moment when your touch screen becomes an impenetrable fortress. You're unable to slide your finger across the screen to unlock your iPhone 12 as if the touch screen has developed trust issues and refuses to grant you access. These symptoms can be frustrating and prevent you from using your iPhone 12 effectively.

Common Causes Behind the 'iPhone 12 Touch Screen Not Working, Can't Unlock' Issue.

Understanding the potential causes of the iPhone 12 touch screen not working, can't unlock issue is the first step in finding a solution. Several factors may contribute to this:

Software glitch:

In most cases, this is the root of the problem and can be easily corrected. It is possible that the touchscreen froze due to an issue in the iOS.

Physical damage:

Unfortunately, mishaps are common. Damage to the iPhone 12's touch screen, which might occur in the event of a drop or other severe impact, could render the smartphone unusable.

Screen protector issues:

Screen protectors, if they are overly thick or dusty, might harm the responsiveness of your touch screen.

Hardware malfunction:

Your iPhone 12 touch screen is not working and can't unlock may result from a manufacturing fault or a rare manufacturing issue.

Step-by-Step Solutions for iPhone 12 Touch Screen Not Working, Can't Unlock.

Here's how you can resolve the iPhone 12 touch screen not working, can't unlock issue:

Hard Reset:

Push and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears, then swiftly press and release the volume up and down buttons. Minor software issues may be resolved with this quick procedure.

Clean Your Screen:

To clean your screen with a microfiber cloth, temporarily remove any screen protectors you use. Touch screens lose sensitivity when dirty or scratched.

Update Your iOS:

Once your iPhone 12 is connected to Wi-Fi, open the Settings app, choose General, and tap Software Update. To get the latest version, choose "Download and Install" if one is offered. The "iPhone 12 touch screen not working, and can't unlock" error message is typically the result of an out-of-date iOS version.

The Last Resort: Mobile Erasure Solutions

You should think about mobile erasure solutions if all else fails. Your iPhone 12 will need to be restored to its original factory settings. While this should be a last choice due to the loss of data, the iPhone 12 touch screen not working, cannot unlock issue may be resolved. Before using any mobile erasure solutions, ensure you have a backup copy of all your data.

Risks Involved in Restoring

Usually, restoring the iPhone 12 when its touch screen is not working is the first thing that comes to mind. But this involves a few risks, too. The risks of restoring an iPhone 12 include the following:



There might be several causes for this. It might be a bug in the program, a malfunction in the hardware, or even simply dust and filth on the screen. Restarting your phone or wiping off the screen would fix the issue.


Erasing data from a mobile device is the primary function of erasure solutions. While they may help with software issues, they are not a guaranteed fix for touchscreen malfunctions. Attempt basic troubleshooting steps, such as a device restart or software update.


Try using Siri to unlock your phone if the touch screen does not work. If it does not work, sync your iPhone with a computer you trust and use iTunes to open it.


Suppose you have already tried the obvious solutions like restarting your iPhone, upgrading the iOS, and wiping the screen clear, but your problem persists. In that case, you may need to contact an Apple specialist. They can determine if the problem is software- or hardware-related and provide advice accordingly.


Yes, somewhat. Software problems may be avoided by keeping your iPhone clean, installing software updates frequently, and avoiding installing too many applications at once.


There is a problem with the touch screen that is not unique to the iPhone 12. It is not always the fault of a particular model but of the software or hardware.


Mobile erasing solutions are secure if they are appropriately utilized and sourced from a reliable provider. However, since they would permanently delete all data from your device, they should be used only as a last option.


Most methods of data removal from mobile devices are user-managed. They have straightforward instructions included. However, remember that they wipe out everything, so use them sparingly.


There are too many variables, such as user habits, software upgrades, and proper maintenance, to provide an accurate estimate. However, this differs from a typical problem and can generally be resolved with basic troubleshooting steps.


The use of a mobile-erase solution does not void your warranty. However, before implementing such a fix, you should double-check with Apple or your warranty provider.

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