How Rendream helps startups to achieve their goal?

Anam Javaid
CEO Rendream
2023-06-21 . 15 min read

Do you want to be one of those 70% of startups who failed in the first five years? Of course, no one wants to. But you must have enough knowledge to get angel investors for IT startups, deliver projects on time, and reach the break-even point. Starting a business is always challenging. There are always challenges, uncertainties, and ambitious goals to achieve. In this ever-changing digital world, innovative tools and platforms can play a vital role in helping startups succeed. On average, IT startups take 18 months to reach profitability. Rendream is a platform that can help your IT startup get profitability faster by boosting its business operations. Rendream helps startups achieve their goals by providing professional staff augmentation and many more services.

In addition, we offer a variety of tools and services that can help startups streamline their operations and improve their efficiency. This can free up time and resources so that startups can focus on what they do best: growing their businesses. This can be invaluable to startups that are just starting or looking to scale their businesses.

Market Highlights

Software market is a dynamic and growing market. Surprisingly, the global software market size is estimated to be USD 652.61 billion in 2023. With a growing CAGR of 5.42%. it is projected to reach USD 858 billion by 2028. The Business IT Sector is the largest market segment, with a market share of 41.2% in 2023. The key drivers of the software market growth are the increasing adoption of cloud computing, the growing demand for digital transformation, and the rising need for data security and analytics. The major players of the IT industry are Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Adobe.


Positive developments are emerging as governments increasingly recognize the pivotal role of startup software companies in driving economic recovery. As a testament to this acknowledgment, various support programs are being introduced to foster their growth. Notably, these initiatives are strategically geared towards startups that possess unique capabilities to assist during times of global crisis like COVID-19.

How does Rendream help startups?


● Strategic Planning and Visualization

Startups often begin with a brilliant idea, but turning that idea into a successful business requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Rendream helps startups achieve their goals by giving them tools to visualize their business plans. Rendream's visual planning tools allow startups to see their ideas come to life and make better decisions about moving forward.

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● Staff Augmentation

Rendream offers staff augmentation services tailored for startups, focusing on IT startups. They excel at providing additional skilled professionals to your team, helping your startup navigate the challenges and demands of the industry. Rendream's approach is about active collaboration, seamlessly integrating their experts with your existing workforce. This synergy empowers startups to scale effectively, meet project milestones, and drive innovation. If you're an IT startup seeking to bolster your team with top-tier talent, Rendream is your go-to partner for a successful journey toward growth and success.

● Pitching and Investor Engagement

Rendream helps startups create pitches that will capture the attention of investors. Rendream provides startups the tools and resources to create compelling presentations that effectively showcase their products or services. Startups can use visual aids to communicate their value proposition, market potential, and growth prospects, making a solid investment case.

● Product Development and Iteration

The process of developing a product or service involves multiple iterations and refinements. Rendream provides startups with a platform to visualize prototypes and concepts, allowing for quick iterations. Startups can gather feedback from stakeholders, potential customers, and team members, which helps identify flaws and make necessary improvements before investing substantial resources.

● Market Validation

Startups need to validate their business ideas and assumptions before scaling up. Rendream helps startups achieve their goal by enabling them to create interactive prototypes that simulate user interactions with the product or service. This allows startups to gather valuable user insights and validate their concepts in a controlled environment.

● Iterating Towards Excellence

Creating a viable product or service is paved with iterations and refinements. Rendream helps startups achieve their goal by providing them with a springboard for innovation, allowing them to visualize prototypes and concepts in real time. This energizing capability facilitates rapid iterations, enabling startups to embrace constructive feedback from stakeholders, team members, and potential customers. By addressing pain points early in development, startups can fine-tune their offerings and deliver products that meet market demands.

● Seeing the Plan

Imagine you plan to build something great, like a new app or a gadget. We help you turn this plan into pictures that you can see. Special tools let you make digital pictures, interactive models, and even 3D versions of your project. This helps you better understand your ideas, find problems, and decide what to do next.

● Making Things Better

Turning an idea into an actual product is like making a recipe. Sometimes you have to change things a little to make it perfect. Rendream is like a kitchen where startups can try different ingredients and see how they taste. It helps startups test their ideas and improve them before spending a lot of time and money.

● Brand Building and Marketing

Establishing a strong brand presence is essential for startups to stand out in a competitive market. We aid startups in creating visual content for branding and marketing purposes. Rendream helps startups to achieve their goal by designing logos and marketing materials to start engaging social media visuals; Rendream helps startups maintain a consistent and professional brand image that resonates with their target audience.

● Collaboration and Remote Work

Startups often have teams distributed across various locations. Rendream facilitates collaboration among team members, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly on visual projects. The platform's nature allows for real-time updates and sharing of assets. Rendream helps startups to achieve their goal by making remote collaboration efficient and effective.

● Validating Through User-Centric Prototypes

In a digital era driven by user experience, startups must validate their ideas before scaling up. Our interactive prototypes, including user interactions with a product or service, offer a controlled environment for experimentation. Using these controlled experiments, Startups can gather priceless insights and real-world feedback, helping them validate their assumptions and make necessary adjustments. By embracing honest user reactions during the initial stages, startups can pivot, iterate, and scale with precision.

Why does Rendream stand Out?

Rendream Stands Out, because we have:

  • Vast Network of Talented Professionals
  • Rigorous Selection Process
  • Flexible Staffing Options
  • Quick Scalability
  • Proven Track Record
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Diverse Portfolio
  • Experienced Development Team
  • Agile Methodology
  • Timely Delivery
  • Quality Assurance
  • 500+ Projects Completed
  • 200+ Skilled Professionals
  • 1500+ Satisfied Clients

Rendream's exceptional performance in IT staff augmentation, app development, and related services, combined with our achievements, experience, and commitment to innovation, set us apart as a remarkable choice for businesses seeking top-tier IT solutions.



In a world where startups are the lifeblood of innovation, Rendream helps startups to achieve their goal by providing the wings that propel these ventures toward their aspirations. The journey from idea to reality is arduous, but Rendream transforms abstract into concrete, allowing startups to visualize their dreams before they become reality. As the entrepreneurial landscape continues to evolve, Rendream's multifaceted capabilities position it as a catalyst for growth, innovation, and success for startups worldwide.



Rendream is a platform that assists startups in visualising their ideas and plans to achieve their goals.


Rendream offers tools for creating visual representations of startup plans, aiding in strategic planning, investor engagement, and product development.


Yes, Rendream's cloud-based features facilitate real-time collaboration among team members, even if they are working from different locations.


Indeed, Rendream allows startups to create digital storyboards and visual plans, aiding in strategic thinking and decision-making.


Yes, Rendream provides customizable templates that startups can use to create visually appealing pitches and presentations


Rendream's interactive prototypes help startups test their product ideas with real users before full-scale production.


No, Rendream is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to startups without extensive technical skills


Yes, Rendream is versatile and valuable for startups in various industries, from tech to fashion.


Certainly, Rendream's visual tools make it easier for startups to pivot and adapt their plans based on feedback and changing circumstances.


Yes, Rendream typically provides customer support to help startups navigate the platform and its features.


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