Enterprise Diagnostics of Your Devices

Enterprise Diagnostics and Data Wipe for iOS & Android

Phone Diagnostics Services

We provide complete Phone diagnostics services

Lock Detection


Cellular Service

Erase & Reset


Batch Processing & Automation

Data Eraser    

Cloud Enabled

24/7 Support

Complete Diagnostics     

History & Authenticity     

Non OEM / Replacement Parts Detection


 Battery Health

Phone Diagnostics

Mobile Diagnosis is an association aimed at sharing knowledge and providing diagnostic support to health workers worldwide, by using mobile phone technology. The association also provides educational support and guidance on the use of mobile technology, mainly for resource limited and rural settings.


Laptop / Mac Diagnostics Services

We provide complete Laptop and Mac diagnostics services

PDF Reports

Custom Labels

Battery Health

Hardware Health Checkup

Marketplace Integration

Complete Diagnostics

End To End Diagnostics

Erasure/Reset To Factory

Cloud Control Panel -ERP

Setup via Bootable USB and over the internet

Non OEM / Replacement Parts Detection

History & Authenticity     


Battery Health

Laptop Diagnostics

Laptop Diagnostics is a tool you can use to diagnose problems with your computer’s internal hardware, such as the logic board, memory, and wireless components


What Phone Diagnostics Do?

Phone diagnostics helps the end user to :

Easily test mobile devices


Check functionalities of mobile devices


Check functionalities before


Check functionalities before sending to repair shop


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