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iPhone is becoming an integrated part of everyone's life because of its innovative and specific operations. iPhone is known for its excellent performance; however, just like any other phone or electronic device, it may encounter issues with time. Encounter a size problem with the device bill, they would become panicky and realize they need to be corrected. iPhones can be diagnosed using self-diagnostic tools and a methodology built into any iPhone, and one has to perform those tests before going to any expert or professional for repairs. You must be wondering what that is, so this article is specifically crafted for you to read and explore how you can work on it.


Self-testing and Analyzing:


Our mission is to support business development and growth through unique and innovative technology solutions and services.


Our mission is to support business development and growth through unique and innovative technology solutions and services.

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Ryde is one of the most established ride-booking and ride-hailing platforms in Singapore. Its services extend to Malaysia and Hong Kong. It aims to provide affordable taxi and private car booking services to our riders for their transport needs. Besides regular ride-hailing services, It also offer a unique carpooling option to help car owners offset petrol and parking costs.


Real Estate investment website developed for a US client, In this you’re investing on monthly or yearly basics and get back some percentage of that amount and that goes to investors. With Fundrise, you can invest your money in a portfolio filled with investments carefully selected and proactively developed with the goal of maximizing returns pursuant to your chosen investment strategy.

Amikasa - 3D Floor Planner with Augmented Reality

Amikasa 3D Room Designer lets you build, restyle, and redecorate your rooms using furniture, flooring and wall colors from real brands. This use augmented reality to see how furniture really looks in your room before you buy. The platform was built using C#, to help vendors sell their products with 3D images.


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